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Combine pure maple syrup with fresh jalapeno peppers and you've got Maple Jalapeno jelly for everyone to enjoy. Spread it on bread or crackers, it is sure to be the highlight of the party. Click here for more information.

Limiting Simple Sugars and Assorted Sweeteners can be  good for your health.
Maple syrup is the new way to live healthier. Eliminate other simple sugars and sweeteners from your diet and start enjoying pure maple syrup - the better alternative.
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Colours and Tastes that Make a Difference
There are almost as many misconceptions about maple syrup than there are vaireties of colours and tastes. Click here to find more out about the colour grades in Ontario, carmelization, the Maillard reaction and the upcoming "Grade A" standard.
Maple Syrup Is a Man's Best Friend...
and other facts you may not know.
When it come to maple syrup there are lots of benefits to enjoying pure maple syrup from Danbrie Farms. Click here to find out some of the benefits of this wonderful gift that Mother nature provides. 
from our farm to your table.
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